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The revolutionary new technology platform that allows your creative team to launch powerful, sophisticated digital campaigns in weeks, not months.

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Today's digital campaigns offer endless marketing and engagement possibilities! Consistent success requires matching your team's creativity with a technology platform that can bring your ideas to life. That's why hundreds of leading agencies and brands use SplashLab Pro™, the revolutionary, easy-to-use, fully integrated digital campaign management platform.

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that connects Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, mobile, your website and more. And, you want to collect user generated content (UGC) from each location and moderate it in one place while tracking the traffic with your favorite analytics package. And you also want to provide coupons and emails based on the data and insights you collect. Of course, you'll need professional hosting, secure data and a fully customized design with role-based admin controls, plus the functionality from your favorite third-party vendor. Did I mention the deadline is only weeks away.

Only SplashLab Pro can do ALL of this, and so much more.

Just add your creativity!

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